Code of Conduct for HIV Disclosure to Sex Partners

People living with HIV invite the general public to join us as we respect and honor the code of conduct for disclosing HIV to a potential sex partner. We expect:

To end criminalization laws related to nondisclosure of people living with HIV.

To not testify if called as a witness for the prosecution of a person living with HIV for nondisclosure.

To practice Greater Involvement of People with HIV/AIDS principals at all times.

To work in solidarity to eliminate fear and stigma related to having sex with a person living with HIV, through education and a willingness to learn the facts about modern science and HIV.

To learn the meaning of how being undetectable means the virus is untransmittable.

To take responsibility for their own sexual health and well-being, not relying on people living with HIV to be the sole individual responsible for everyone’s sexual health.

To eliminate the questions “are you clean, disease free, tested negative as of …. date ” by assuming all activities with potential sex partners are risky until further notice.

That our potential sex partners be up to date on prevention including PrEP, Treatment as Prevention.

That our potential sex partners respect our basic human right for privacy after disclosure. Our HIV status is private information which was shared to inform a partner, as per the law, not to be used as a tool to further discriminate and stigmatize the community of people living with HIV.

To welcome people living with HIV as equals in sexual relationships as a person on HIV medication with an undetectable viral load cannot transmit the virus.

To be treated fairly and not be rejected each time disclosure of HIV takes place with potential sex partners.This involves being educated, diverse in decision making, rather than weeding out those who are living with HIV as potential sex partners.

To not outright reject a potential sex partner who discloses their HIV status while continuing to insist on  disclosure.

To allow a person living with HIV the right to decide when they are comfortable disclosing, rather than having legislation dictate this complicated process.

To create an atmosphere of acceptance for HIV disclosure to sex partners by sharing knowledge and new developments with science, treatment and prevention.

To be part of and influence decision making processes which are ultimately in the best interests of people living with HIV.

To support people living with HIV who have already been or are in the process of being criminally prosecuted for non disclosure of their HIV status.

To work in solidarity towards the goal of  zero transmission rate of the HIV virus.

To take on the role of educator, as required, to disseminate most up to date relevant information and understanding of HIV.

To work with in the framework of the guiding principals as described in – Renewing our Voices: Code of Good Practice for NGOs Responding to HIV/AIDS

To work in solidarity within the HIV community.

To be inclusive in our daily activities.

This document is a work in progress  as we welcome all feedback and suggestions.