Guideline For Submissions To The HIV Disclosure Project


Writing about HIV disclosure experiences is a way to bring awareness to the general public about the complexities of disclosure. It is also a way for people living with HIV to share their feelings and reactions to stigma surrounding disclosure. In examining and discussing the complexities of HIV disclosure to a potential sex partner, we aim to make the process of disclosure easier, while sharing what is expected of the general public when disclosure takes place. Our goal is to create awareness and education in order that disclosure will be received with positive reactions and understanding.

The following are guidelines for submissions to the HIV Disclosure Project:

Stories and videos submitted must be specifically on the topic of experiences with disclosing your HIV status to a potential or existing sex partner.

Stories can be submitted on the topic of disclosure to a potential or existing sex partner which describe an experience of someone other than yourself.

Stories can be ones that involve an experience that was successful or ones that are not as successful.

When submitting a story you can choose to use your real name or a pen name, whichever you are more comfortable with.

A photograph of the author is preferable but not mandatory. If you would rather not submit a photograph the HIV Disclosure Project will provide an image or graphic design to accompany the story.

Stories should include a brief introduction to situate the reader, followed by the story itself and ending with a conclusion which will include addressing, critiquing or asking questions about larger social issues which affect the lives of people living with HIV in relation to disclosure to sex partners.

Stories can be submitted which are in themselves critiques or opinion pieces about HIV disclosure to potential sex partners, including aspects such as criminalization and the consequences, imbalance of power dynamics, rejection and how this affects the HIV community at large. Stories can focus on solutions and outcomes on how one would like to be treated during disclosure. This could act as an educational guide.

Video submission should be no longer than three minutes in length, with some exceptions. The shorter the video with a powerful message, question or statement, the more likely it is for it to be viewed. This could include a series of short videos with short questions or statements.

Videos must be edited by the author to the best of their ability prior to submission.

Members of the HIV Disclosure Project may do some minor proof reading of a submission and if changes are requested our team will contact you prior to posting the submission for your approval of any necessary changes.

Submissions can be sent to